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April 25, 2025
April 26, 2025


Information – The auction format has changed for 2023, see below.

  • Auction will start at 1:00pm on Saturday.
  • We are accepting Auction merchandise starting at 10am on Saturday only.
  • 90% of the selling price sold goes to the seller & 10% goes to Dayton Wingmasters as a sales commission. Wing Master commission will not exceed $20.00 per item.
  • Table Signs (Definition of terms:)
    • Auction bidder registration here”: The person that wants to bid on an item in the auction must complete a registration card and receive a Bidder number.
    • Auction item registration & drop off”: The person that wants to place an item in the auction must complete a registration card. Item Information, Sales information. Buyer pick up receipt, and Sellers receipt are parts of this multi section card.
    • Auction bidders winning bid’s pay here”: Location the winning bidder pays for the item.
    • Auction sellers get paid here”: Location the seller collects their money after bidder has paid.
  • WingMasters will help answers pre-auction questions on visible features of the item.
  • Donate auction proceeds to Dayton Wingmasters is greatly appreciated.

For years, Dayton ModelRama has included an auction following the Saturday show. We’ll continue this tradition in 2023. However, feedback that we’ve received has prompted several changes for the 2023 auction. The feedback we received indicated that the auction was to long and many of our patrons are from out of town and anxious to load up and go home.

This year we are limiting the auction to two hours. We we’ll also prioritize the order of items sold in the auction. You can still contribute anything to the auction; however, we reserve the right to prioritize the order of when items go to the auction block. During the first two hours, Airplanes, Drones, Helicopters, Boats, Radios, etc. in good condition will be sold. If time remains after the above listed items are sold, we will auction off the miscellaneous items up to the two-hour auction period ends. Below is more detail of what items can be placed in the auction.

Level 1
To Be Sold In First Two Hours

Includes, ARF’s, Kits (in original box), RTF

    • RC Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Drone’s
    • Radios and Receivers
    • Motors, Engines and speed controls in good working order, original box preferred
    • Sorry we cannot accept batteries

Level 2
To Be Sold If Two Hour Limit Has Not Been Reached

Airplanes In in need of Repairs

    • Includes, ARF’s, Kits (in original box), RTF
    • RC Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Drone’s
    • Plans
    • Covering
    • Building Tools
    • Field Equipment

If your item does not sell or we are unable to get it into the auction because of the two-hour limit, we ask that you come to the auction table, present your ticket and pick up your merchandise.



  • Complete register card at the Bidder Register table.
  • Stand in a clearly visible spot where the auctioneer can see and hear you when bidding.
  • When bidding raise your bidder card number to increase your visibility of your intent. We record the winning number on your purchased item.
  • Be cooperative to the seller who may need to leave the auction.
  • Show your bidder card number when making payment at the Bidder Cash Out table.
  • You will be given a “buyer pick up receipt” which is stamped indicating you paid for the item.
  • Show your stamped receipt when you pick up your item at the pickup table.
  • Please pickup the item immediately after making payment.


  • Complete one register card at the Seller Register table for each item to be placed in the auction.
  • One section of card is “Item information”. Auctioneer will read your description so write clearly and describe the important features of your item.
  • Note above rules of combining low price incomplete kits, engines, radios, and miscellaneous parts. Realistic action value should be greater than $20 per auction package.
  • Leave all sections of the card together. Wingmasters will separate your seller card when you bring the item and card to the table.
  • Critical- Wingmasters will return the “Sellers Receipt” to you as you bring the item to the table. This is your only proof of ownership and payment for that item.
  • Once your item is sold, the bidder is requested to pay within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Show your seller card number at the Seller Cash Out table to pickup your money.
  • Important – There is no reserve price on any item. You can bid on your own item if it’s not selling for the minimum amount you’re wanting but you will be required to pay the 10% of the total amount to Dayton Wingmasters not to exceed $20.00.