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Friday April 26, 2024
Saturday April 27, 2024

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Dayton ModelRama 2023
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2023 Dayton ModelRama Interviews
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Dayton ModelRama Interviews
with Vendors, Swappers, & Participants from previous years


Comments from Swappers, Vendors, & Patrons.

  • I will add items to the auction.
  • Love the idea of picking up the displaced Toledo fans! Let’s do it!
  • Would like to see more manufacturers.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Love this event!
  • I look forward to the show!
  • I’ve found great bargains every time I’ve attended.
  • I would like to see the show become somewhat like Toledo was. I hate to see these shows disappear as they are. Thanks for your effort to keep the hobby and these shows going strong.
  • Keep it going!
  • Find vendors for multi rotors, quad copters free style and racing, these are the RC products I’m looking for.
  • I have enjoyed the Dayton Swap and hope it can continue.
  • Looking forward to things being closer to normality and a new swap meet season. Thanks for your new vision
  • Thanks for all the hard work putting this on every year!
  • I love the show. Don’t make it too commercial. I go because it’s a swap meet.
  • The Toledo show included boats and land vehicles. I would hope that an expanded Wingmasters show would do the same.
  • Change nothing trade show would be great
  • Since the Toledo Show is closed this is a great idea to get modelers together
  • I would love to see a bigger show not saying it wasn’t one of the best second to Toledo show, I will miss going to Toledo show. So anything you could do to make your show better would be greater.
  • Love the show better than the Toledo show make it the biggest one in Ohio.
  • I always have a good time. I think your ideas are awesome!
  • Love the show and the auction!
  • Picking up some tradeshow aspect is a terrific idea. Toledo always signaled the beginning of flying season, now Dayton can be that!
  • I would be willing to help with the show if you need additional help with an expanded show.
  • Thanks for doing this.
  • I’ve always enjoyed this show, and will always attend, no matter what the club does.
  • You folks put on a good event I look forward to every year. Whatever you decide , I will show up. Thanks
  • This is such a great event. You guys do a super job. I understand the work involved and the worry that it won’t be a benefit. Thank you for the work and planning that’s involved.
  • Thanks for giving us the opportunity to weigh in on these options. With the Awful end of the Toledo Show, I’m sure you will benefit and do very well!
  • I used to attend Toledo every year. I plan to get back into flying next summer and will attend your show for sure
  • Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together!
  • I love attending the Dayton Modelrama. Please keep it going.
  • I believe that you have an excellent plan, and I support your efforts completely.
  • Please keep this show going it is very important for the economy and the hobby.
  • Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do for our hobby!!!!
  • This has always been a Great show! There’s no other shows locally this big. In a time of one cancellation after another I am willing to do whatever to support these events that attempt to continue. Please don’t cancel!
  • Please don’t close the show! We’ve already lost Toledo…to lose both would be a terrible blow to the RC community! I would love to see some scheduled outdoor demonstrations of aircraft we could then purchase the same day!
  • Do not stop this show !!!!
  • Balsa USA or Midwest Balsa as vendors, Kit Cutters, Fiberglass Specialties, Robart Vendors who cater to the builders.
  • It would be nice to see this expand and grow to the size of Toledo..
  • Always look forward to your show whatever you decide.
  • I really enjoyed going to Toledo for many years (40 years). Your show would be a welcome replacement for all the Ohio area modelers. I personally intend to come to your event and will bring a couple of fellow modelers along.
  • As a president of a flying club I support all swap meets and shows we need to keep this strong and growing I will be there support you guys keep up the good work.
  • Wow, This could turn into a larger than anticipated attendance due to the absence of Toledo. Two buildings would be a must, and maybe two full days.
  • Love the show. Keep up the good work!
  • The Wingmasters crew do an amazing job with this event and are always very helpful. Great show.
  • I have always enjoyed the swap meet. I believe that this show has been better than the swap meet part of Toledo for the past years. And I look forward to going again.